Bee line it….

With the house sale closing in a month we decide to head back to Kitchener.

A couple of very successful days of posting furniture for sale on FaceBook Marketplace we cleared out all we had. Now it’s time to play.

Off we went to Camp and Sail at Conestoga Sailing Club with our friends Tania, Dave and their three great boys. I had the opportunity to teach and play with the boys Koehandle, a Dutch card game.

Dave, Tania, Kathy, Paul, Bailey and Harvey.

We were part of the club hosting 10 Mennonite ladies…. Yes in their long dresses on three sailboats. This was their first time sailing!

We had a great sail,

Kathy was able to visit with Donna and Stephen while Paul sailed with Mike.

Thank you Gayle and Peter for the use of your boat.

A great dinner followed at the club hosted by the ladies. Great food.

Of course I’m showing you the dessert first it was frozen ice cream squares with strawberries. Yummy!

The second picture is a neat salad that was Jello and the little sailboats made of eggs and cheese. So creative.

The rest of the weekend was a great weekend with a treat from Dave and Tanya of our favorite libation, Bailey’s.

Dave Meijer took Paul for a sail on the boat he bought last year from us. We had some great wind and great time to chat about how the boat handles and how much he enjoyed it.

Next update we help the kids celebrate back to school at the Paris Agricultural Fair.